About Us

Shiny Solar Power is run by young ambitious entrepreners united for a cause: to popularize basic solar power products in India. Coming from ordinary backgrounds where hardship is only a parcel of life, they have diverted their talent and energy from regular jobs and embarked on this challenging project armed with dedication and innovative ideas.

With their foresight about the future trend, the partners of Shiny Solar Power could see immense prospect in the solar powered products. With the rising concern for the diminishing reserves of coal, fossil fuel and other materials the governments of every nation on earth is turning to the ever present solar energy which is available abundantly to every nation, and that too free of cost. This energy has gained more importance in recent times as it has become quite obvious that it is the only way by which the power crisis of the not so distant future can be solved. The amount of pollution and green house effect that is caused by generation power in conventional ways can also be cut down drastically by using solar power.

And, in remote corners of countries like India, where electricity still has not found its way into the households of common people, our solar powered lamps can illuminate and transform the lives of people and help them step out to a brighter world.

Shiny Solar Power has a range of solutions with products very carefully priced to cater to every need and pocket. Our team of experts explains to the buyer the various solar power solution schemes and then provide the best suited solution to the buyer. Our team takes complete care of the installation of the solar panels and accessories and trains the buyer as to how to use it effectively ro gain the maximum out of it. They also demonstrate to the buyer how to maintain the system properly so that the system runs smoothly.

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